Smash Bros Brawl Mods - Project Lloyd


A mod made, made in my free time, for Super Smash Bros Brawl. It replaced the Star Fox character "Wolf" with Tales of Symphonias titular dual-wielding protagonist, "Lloyd Irving".


With the relatively limited conversion and importing tools the Smash Bros Modding community created, I wanted to include a beloved character in Smash to show his potential as a fighter. 

When deciding the moveset for this mod, I dedicated myself to showcasing his unique moves and play style. 

I also attempted to replicate the various 3D and particle effects that were shown in the GameCube classic, from scratch.

Video Game Remake - Asteroids


The final project of java coding course was to remake the 1979 classic video game 'Asteroids', with the intention being to expand our knowledge on what we can achieve with Java.


This was a faithful recreation of the original 1979 video game Asteroids completely original coding and art assets. The game had custom rendered loading screens, multiple levels and rechargeable bullets.

Interesting Facts:

I bought the Atari console and original game for inspiration.

This was the first game I created to completion.

Interactive Environment Project - Make a Cake

Purpose of Original Submission:

While the final project was to create an "interactive environment," the true end goal of this course was to create something that utilised Java at a higher level, and included game-like components. 


This exercise was to make an interactive environment, and some game aspects were permitted to be incorporated into it. It was written using the Java coding language, and made use of the eclipse IDE and made use of the processing package.

Interesting Facts:

There were a lot of scrapped ideas that weren't able to be added like a speed-run mode, and a icing design simulator, and physics for dropping tools.